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90 + Proof


Out in Colby, Kansas shooting another project for Syngenta via Weber Shandwick Worldwide. I’ll be here two days shooting almost every aspect of turning corn into Ethanol or a damn strong libation. It’s basically a large brewery that runs 24 hours a day, 364 days a year – one day off to? Sip? Place is bustling to say the least. Turns out you can actually drink the stuff until the last step, which is when they add 2-3% gasoline to keep people from, well filling up something other than their car…

St. George’s University - Grenada

1-21_003 Halo Group, St. George's
1_21_004 Halo Group, St. George's

Project for The Halo Group, an agency based in New York for St. George's University of Grenada. Series of ad's for their various medical degrees. Good times that included a few hours with a lion cub - less than 6 months old.

Bird + Bricks

Mexican Landscape

A lone bird sits atop a mound of dirt and sawdust that will soon become bricks at an adobe brickyard in Mexico.

Schoolyard - Mexico

Schoolyard - Mexico

It's recess and I am on the playground. I received full access to an elementary school via my gracious guide Roberto yesterday. Roberto, in his early twenties, took me to the school he attended as a child and introduced me to his old principal who said, "vaya donde usted por favor - (go where you please)." Imagine trying to secure this access without prior authorization at an elementary school in the US? It was a great experience and I plan to make prints to personally give the principal before I leave Mexico.

Dog Prep - Palm Springs Dog Show


Second of two shoots for Colle+McVoy / Purina. This time in Palm Springs, CA where the weather and light were near perfect. I wasn't planning to leave my family during our break, however, this project was too good to pass up. I left for three nights / four days and had another great shoot in an environment with unlimited potential for imagery. I'll be posting a larger body of imagery from this project on the "archive" section of the site soon.