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FedEx | Ship & Get

Dallas, TX... it's not supposed to rain here right? When thinking about Texas this is one of the last things that come to mind. The day of our tech scout we had great weather and were looking forward to the same for our shoot day, however, this was not to be the case. As we geared up for our shoot with FedEx all was looking good, our weather app had us smiling, and then… well, raindrops started to fall from the sky and we didn't have an "extra day" to wait it out in case things didn't clear. As they say, the show must go on and things just always seem to work out, often better than anticipated.

While we dodged a couple early morning hours of rain, the sky soon cleared and we had a great shoot for FedEx, capturing lifestyle stills of their new "Ship and Get" system. This is a brand new concept to allow people to send and receive just about anything without having to go inside a store. We managed to cover off on all scenarios, even adding a few additional set-ups as the late afternoon sun more than made up for it's early a.m. absence.

Recently we've been testing out a new partner PXL.HOUSE in the realm of post-production. Anthony Morrow and George McCardle have been working with some of our imagery on the retouching / color profile front.This collection of shots for FedEx are some of the first to pass through their hands.

We are off to NYC for our next project, a "day in the life" profile for a cool brand and subject that we are all quite excited to explore. While in the city we'll be showing the new portfolio to a handful of creatives at agencies as well as on the film / production side of the business.