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The Family Sabbatical | A Visual Journal of Our Four-Month Adventure

Feature - The JCP print promo book highlighting The Family Sabbatical, a four-month “World is our Classroom” family adventure.

Locations – New Zealand, Japan, Thailand, Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Italy, France Spain, England, & Wales

Family – Jonathan, Michelle, Wesley & Frankie

The Unexpected – Throughout our travels, we became keenly aware of the fact that our kids just sort of assume that we have everything figured out and under control in all situations. In fact, sometimes we were as lost as they were, maybe even more so.

Creative Inspiration – I’ve always loved what I do, but I found myself falling in love with photography in a way that was at once comfortably familiar and completely new. Letting pictures happen instead of trying to make them, allowing the stories to unfold in front of me.

Family High – Venice was one of the most memorable and enjoyable stops on our trip. Wandering around the side streets and alleyways that crisscrossed the medieval city, it was easy and one of the more magical places to get lost.

Hands on Deck – Special thanks to everyone who partnered in the creation of The Family Sabbatical book and website: Sam Bohlken Seth Bohlken Jaime Chismar Charles Youel & Nate Strandberg / Eight Hour Day

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