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Lands’ End Workwear | Sanborn Canoe Co.

Production – Lands’ End Workwear

Location – Sanborn Canoe Co.

Backdrop – A niche paddle and canoe business nestled amid scenic bluff country in the heart of Winona, Minnesota.

Call Time and Environment – 5 a.m. A woodpile lined driveway a stone's throw from the Mississippi River.

Talent – The cast. crew, and family behind Sanborn Canoe Co.

Craft Service Love – Sawdust sprinkles in our coffee…with a box of Bloedow's donuts to keep us all going.

Gear – Movi M5 Gimbal + Inspire 1 Pro Drone.

Lighting – Skypanel 60, Fiilex P360 kit & BBS Area 48 LED.

Camera – (2) Canon 1DX MKII, (1) Canon 5D Mark IV.

The Unexpected – Hood surfing on the front of a vintage Landcruiser… Anything for the shot!

Styling Highlights – On-site tailoring by the Lands’ End styling team. 

Prop Love – Vintage hand tools, saws, and sanders throwing up dust, adding a “hell yes” element of amazing to our visuals…

Weather – Mostly sunny with a surprise, brief rain shower timed perfectly to showcase a Lands’ End "all-weather" jacket.

Parting Creative – A brand film and library of still images highlighting Lands’ End’s “Workwear” line of clothing and apparel.

Crew High – Drooling over Sanborn’s collection of paddles, canoes, and outdoor swag. A paddle proudly now hangs at JCP HQ as a sweet reminder of a favorite production to date.

Hands on Deck – The Gren Group, Tanya Silver, Kyle Ramsey-Moe, Nicolas De Miranda, Ashlee Ellert, Justin Silvis, John Fontana, Lily PIke, Cj Eigenschenk, Hanna Murray, Ren LaDassor, Jimmy McCune, Brienne Neumann, Midwest Mohos, Adam Duguay + CoElement, The Musicbed

Special Guest Appearance and BTS Cameraman - Josh LeClair