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Explore the work of Jonathan Chapman through featured locations.

Children’s Hospital | Critical Care Transport

Production - Spotlight on the evolution of Children’s Minnesota's Critical Care Transport Program

Location - Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis, and a day in Sumner, IA at Life Line Emergency Vehicles.

Backdrop - Chidren’s PICU, NICU, and the crew favorite, the Helipad.

Styling Highlights - Lots of scrubs!   

Talent - Real doctors, nurses, and patients.

Lunch - A quick stop at the Stars Café for a multitude of offerings never disappoints.

Craft Service Love - All the usual suspects including bubbly water and gummy bears.

Lighting - Fiilex three light kit, Visual Buddha LED panels, BB&S' Area 48 Phosphor Panel.

Camera - (2) Canon 1DX MKII, (1) Canon 5D Mark IV.

The Unexpected - The trip to Iowa and seeing first hand the rig building process.

Prop Love - Scrubs, masks, ECMO, and the numerous blinking lights + shiny textures of medical equipment.

Set Surprise - Snow falling during the helicopter scene for a more dramatic effect.

Quote of the day - “Wash ‘em proud!” “Scrub in, scrub out!”

Spontaneous Inspiration - Being offered the securiuty guard’s gloves amid the helicopter landing - he could tell we weren’t anticipating that snow-globe moment.

Weather - Cold outside and warm inside.

Parting Creative - a short film for the Children’s Hospital Star Gala Fundraiser, and an infinite number of warm fuzzies for being part of this incredible story.

Hands on Deck - John Fontana, Tanya Silver, Joseph McMahon, Patrick Meehan, Kyle Ramsey-Moe, Ashlee Ellert, Amber Young, Justin Silvas, Nick Leisenheimer, Joey Verskotzi