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JEEP | Hana Highway, Maui

Set amid the wilderness and remote mountain terrain, Maui's Hana Highway was an ideal landscape to document a thrilling "day in the life" journey of two young, intrepid travelers.  This spec. commercial showcases the Jeep Wrangler's trailblazing spirit against a backdrop as unique and thrilling as the Jeep itself. 

Produced and shot this past spring, this project came to life through support and collaboration with Matthew Slimmer and Maui's, Hana Productions.  Hawaii, and Maui's Hana Highway in particular could not have offered a more visual backdrop for this story; an homage of sorts honoring the adventurous nature surrounding the Wrangler Unlimited and iconic Jeep brand.

Directed by Jonathan Chapman / JCP
Producer - Matthew Slimmer
Edit - Quenna Rae Gregorio
Director of Photography - Jonathan Chapman
2nd Camera / Movi operator - George Russell
Production Support / Assistant Camera - John Fontana
Production Assistant - Barton Hrast
Talent - Kelly Gillet-Shinn / Kenneth McNickle
Location Scouting / Production Logisitics - Hana Productions
Hair / Make-up - Camille Kozuki
Audio - "Orchestral 212" by Asche & Spencer

JCP Vol. 3 Promo

Proofs have arrived and are looking mighty sweet.  Vol. 3 of the JCP promo is underway and will be hitting a broad range of national and international mailboxes over the next few weeks.  Stay tuned, this is our finest to date thanks to the design work of Eight Hour Day and wordsmithing copy talents of Carolyn Petrie