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St. Jude Medical

Innovation, technology, and knowledge are all part of what makes St. Jude Medical one of the most advanced medical device companies in the world. St. Jude Medical builds many of the components that are used in a variety of products a few of which we saw first hand during a three day shoot at their headquarters. From intricate nitrile braiding, stints, pacemakers, to heart valves, cardio catheters and other such important medical devices, it was quite amazing to get a behind the scenes look at one of the industry leaders in the medical device field. Take a moment to see what we captured through our lens in both stills and motion.

Happy new year. John, Joseph, and myself all managed to duck away for a little break and are feeling refreshed as another year unfolds. We have a new portfolio near complete as well as an infusion of new work that will be hitting the website in the very near future.  Stay tuned and thanks as always for checking out the blog!