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Shining a Light on The Lone Star | Texas Farrier

Production – The second of three JCP “Shining a Light on the Lone Star” Texas short-film profiles.

Location – Hill Country (Just outside Austin, Texas).

Backdrop – Small horse stable, acres of land, and a farrier’s truck with an assortment of tools of a farrier’s trade.

Styling Highlights – Portable / mobile gas forge.  

Subject – Andrew Desoto, Farrier at Desoto Hoofcare

Producer Magic – Calming a neighbor we came upon on a long, rural driveway. She was dialing the police, assuming we were uninvited and up to something suspicious (likely startled by the first-light “whine” of our drone just clearing her treetops).

Lighting – Break of dawn, ambient.

Camera – (2) Canon 1DX MKII

The Unexpected – Smoke filling our frames as the hot, fresh from the forge horseshoes met the horses feet. One of those, "glad the cameras are rolling," moments as the visual made for a beautiful final shot in the edit.

Prop Love – Horseshoes, hammers, nails, portable forge and anvil.

Set Surprise – Farrier terminology coming at us during our interview i.e. clenches, clips, etc.

Quotes of the day -  “At some point I turned into my Dad and Grandpa and got really into tools and making things.” “The Marine Corps ruined me to the point if I’m not hot, sweaty and dirty I don’t feel like I’ve been working.”

Inspiration and Appreciation - Watching Andrew shoe a horse for an actual client. His moves were calculated perfection with a serene presence. He’s both part horse whisperer and metal fabricator.

Weather – Texas hot and even hotter while standing near the forge.

Parting Creative – A video profile and library of still images highlighting Andrew Desoto, proprietor and farrier - Desoto Hoofcare.