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On The Farm for Red Gold

"On the farm, you breath it, you play it, you sleep it." - Jim Paarlberg, Paarlberg Family Farms

There is a strong appeal for some of us urbanites to dig in the soil, plant some seeds and tend to our small micro miracle of a garden with a pat on the back when small green tips of life shoot skyward from the earth. Imagine doing this on a massive scale in even grander proportions and you’ll get a glimpse of the passion and dedication behind tomato farmers in Indiana.

For generations the four farm families we spent time with have been working the land of rural Indiana to produce the finest tomatoes for Red Gold. Over five days we were fortunate to film and record the lives of the growers and their families. We woke before the sun, observing time both in the field as well as at the family table, telling their story as honestly as our lenses could capture them. We proudly present the director’s cut of Red Gold “Family and Farming” with accompanying still images.