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CSG International | Together, You Win

Production – CSG International

Agency - Yamamoto

Location – Omaha, NE and Minneapolis, MN

Backdrop – Urban cityscapes, offices, consumer homes, north woods camping and everything in between.  

Styling Highlights – A VW Westfalia camper van.

Talent – All pros from Omaha and Minneapolis.

Camera / Gear – (3) Canon 1DX MKII, Movi M5, DJI Mavic, and plenty of SSD media.

Lighting – Arri Sky Panels

The Unexpected – All the various activities from canoeing and camping to commuting on the light rail to office work for a global communications company.

Prop Love – The VW was a sweet prop in the camping scene.  

Set Surprise – Solar eclipse mid-shoot. Had to make make some on-the-fly, unanticipated lighting adjustments to account for the near black-out.

Spontaneous Inspiration – Using ND filters as sunglasses to view the above, “Set Surprise.”

Weather – Summertime in Omaha and Minneapolis.

Parting Creative – 1 final 2:00 brand anthem video and a library of still photography.

Hands on Deck – CSG, Yamamoto, The Gren Group, Matthew Slimmer, John Fontana, Janna Chin, Kyle Ramsey Moe, Nicolas de Miranda, Patrick Meehan, Dylan Nelson, Carole Zacek, Ben Fossberg, Kate Luchsinger, Donna Osterbuhr, Madeline Peters, Chris Worlow, Jamie Lee Stephens, Kristna Graber, Justin Silvis, Ashlee Ellert, and Bernadette Pollard.

Edit / Motion Graphics – CoElement.

Music –  Custom and original composition by Joey Verskotzi.