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‘The Extra Mile | The Extra Yard’

Production – ‘The Extra Mile - The Extra Yard’ coaching initiative. #chaseyourdreams

Location & Backdrop – The spirit of Friday Night Lights presented itself in this manicured stadium located amid Travis County Texas.

Styling Highlights – The simplicity of a whistle, stopwatch, and clipboard moving in rhythm to the coach’s booming commands.

Subjects – A star athlete & and community revered coach.

Producer Magic – Intimate access and free reign to an immaculate stadium in the heart of Texas.

Lighting – Banks of stadium lights, cutting the early a.m. darkness and illuminating the turf.

Camera & Equipment – Canon 1DX MKII (2), Movi M5, Walkies to cue subjects, and the stadium’s ATV to chauffeur the crew and subjects.

The Unexpected – Coaches do what coaches do best, minimal direction needed to depict our mentor / student narrative.

Set Surprise – Sheen off the bleachers, glint off the fence, unlimited textures to explore.

Quote of the day - “Is that all you got?  GIVE ME MORE SON!!!”  

Weather – An early, 4 a.m. call time punctuated by fog and mist.

Parting Creative – :30 and :60 spots with a complimenting library of still images.

Cheers – Joshua Phipps, Jim Staff, Matthew Slimmer, Nicolas De Miranda, Nathaniel Schmidt, Alejandro Lay, CoElement, Sam Bohlken, Keegan Attlee, John Fontana, Craig Christiansen, The Gren Group, Ryan Taubert, and The Music Bed.

“The quality of a person’s life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence, regardless of their chosen field of endeavor.” - Vince Lombardi