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Memphis Greats

Memphis, TN

I found myself down in Memphis last Thursday and Friday shooting at the Target House for Target via Little & Company. Another great shoot here - kids finger painting on a white seamless (a recipe for some pretty engaging imagery). After shooting, my assistant and I strolled to a couple of famous places: Sun Studio where Johnny Cash and many other greats got their start. Johnny walked in as an appliance repairman, by day, who was looking to record an album. The second location down the road was the Lorraine Motel where Martin Luther King was assassinated in 1968. Both locations tell quite a story- one the starting point, the other the ending point. Both greats live on and Memphis offers a tribute to both which I'd recommend checking out.

Mr. Byrne…

 carrot agency 1
carrot agency 2

My camera took me out to The Carrot Agency yesterday - taking shots of a couple of their latest recruits for their website. Out strolls David Byrne or at least a younger stunt double. Actually it was Daryl Kluskowski – a former VP / Creative Director at BBDO as well as owner of SkullBoy Worldwide – check it out if you haven’t already. Darry had a bit more in mind than your typical head and shoulders portrait. All he needed was a pistol in each hand and he would have been one part Yosemite Sam, one part, Elvis, and well, final part - Mr. Byrne.

Toronto’s Maple Leafs -> Olson / Bauer


I was in Toronto and Boston the week of February 23rd shooting another round of images for Bauer via Olson. I have to say these shoots and the access we get provides a pretty fine backdrop for shooting. From locker room to ice, I followed Vesa Toskala and Luke Schenn in Toronto and Tim Thomas in Boston. We mounted a couple of cameras this time (one above and over the goal, and the other on the glass) to snag a few new / different angles. Images are now signed, sealed, and delivered to Olson and above are a few that I thought pair well together highlighting the Toronto leg of the trip. Love the work: especially crew and athletes who always have time for that extra “try this angle,” shot.

Seeing the light

3-6_001 Guideposts

A recent shoot for Guideposts magazine. I was on location in Rochester, MN photographing Erica Vetsch and her two children.

3-6_002 Intern

On the way back to Minneapolis from the shoot, a unique photo opportunity presented itself in the form of a giant replica of a motorized scooter. What better way to introduce my new intern, John Fontana; standing tall atop the “big rascal.” Welcome aboard!