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Lowe’s | Goodbye Buyer’s Remorse

Production - Lowe's - "Goodbye Buyer's Remorse”

Agency - Pure Red

Location - Leola, PA

Backdrop - A massive production studio in the heart of the Amish country (125,000 sq ft to be exact).

Set Highlights - Four Fully furnished kitchen and laundry room sets.

Talent - First time home buyer to seniors in their prime.

Gear - 1 ton Grip and lighting package fresh from Philly.

Lighting - HMI daylight balanced to mimic natural exterior sunlight.

Camera - Canon 1DC

The Unexpected -  Shifting from daylight "real" homes to a sound stage studio environment.

Prop Love - Foliage placed outside windows and doors for that 'real' greenery look.

Weather - 72º and sunny all day, every day inside the studio.

Parting Creative - 12 Final retouched images by Hunny Digital and a :30 spot edited by Joseph McMahon.