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TDK / Memorex

“It takes a long time to become young.” - Pablo Picasso

The latest technology is often times synonymous with youth culture.  What is cutting edge?  What makes a statement about who we are and what we use?  Form and function overall lead everyday lifestyles and may eventually land the stamp of approval for the cool factor.  Products seem to be adopted at an ever increasing rate as advances in technology continue to improve.  There is a hunger for new, functional products that have the ability to keep pace with the energy and demands of a youthful lifestyle.

This is where we were brought in.  A two day shoot to help capture a look that portrays the latest in a new lineup of products from TDK and Memorex.  Our talent was full of surprises taking up the latest set of headphones, ear buds and other music delivery devices.  As the two tag lines for each brand suggest TDK "Life on Record" and Memorex "Turn Life Up" they each have their own unique approach branching off from the common "Life" theme which led us to several diverse locations to capture a few lifestyle moments over the course of the shoot.  Thanks to Bobbi Peacock and crew for another fun couple of days.  We're always up to something different and that's what keeps us all feeling young and excited for the road ahead...

Emma Berg - Before and Afters

In our last post we debuted the final Emma Berg fashion piece.  With any video project there are always a number of steps along the way to reach the final finished motion piece.  One of the last is the color work or grading, which takes place after the edit or picture has been locked down.  Color and the creation of custom palettes for our imagery is something we spend a great deal of time finessing.  As we merged into the world of motion and film we quickly learned that color is a major step in the process, one that was much more complex than the workflow we've established for our still imagery.  Through collaboration and much conversation with people on the film side of the business we've worked to connect with "colorists," people who specialize in the color correction of film.  We've met some great people, many of which have spent years refining their craft.

The grading for the Emma Berg piece was masterfully done by colorist Sue Lakso of Crash+Sues here in Minneapolis.  During a working session with Sue, she was able to match the raw edited footage to the colored still photos we provided.  As you will see, the difference between the colored and uncolored footage is quite dramatic and emphasizes how important this final step of the process is for any motion project.

We appreciate the expertise of Sue Lakso and the collaborative spirit of everyone at Crash+Sues to help us realize the full potential of the final color work for our project.  It's one more example of how much broader and deeper the pool of collaboration exists when working in the realm of motion and film.