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Mexican Landscape

Landscape - Mexico II
Landscape - Mexico I

While out early one morning with my guide Roberto, I saw this lake just outside San Miguel and had to alter our plans for a 1/2 hour or so of unexpected / unplanned landscape shooting. Too nice to pass up.

Golden Chords

12_26_005 Guitar - Mexico

Mexican guitarist Javier Gitano Estrada was playing at the Instituto Allende in San Miguel. I found these words about him online, "So influenced by Bob Dylan was Mexican guitarist / vocalist Javier Gitano Estrada that he was dubbed the "Mexican Dylan" during the 1968 Mexico City Summer Olympics." With a bit gypsy persona he is an amazing musician to see up close and personal. I asked if I could follow him home / meet up another time after talking a while. He told me his roof was leaking and that that his house was "in shambles." I never got to go but am certain the backdrop, albeit run down in his eyes, would have been every bit as intriguing as he.

Sonrisas (Smiles) in Mexico

12-23_003 House in Mexico
12-23_Mexico - Family

Bienvenido a San Miguel. My family and I arrived just days ago in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico and will be enjoying a reprieve from Minnesota in a beautiful house we've rented for the next month. I am looking forward to the smiles of my kids as we stumble upon interesting happenings around every corner of this historic city. I originally came here last year for a United Health Care shoot and was surprised at the European feel of cobbled streets and preserved colonial architecture. Some amazingly hospitable people who thrive at a much welcomed slower pace.

Penguins of Pittsburgh

Nike Bauer_A
Nike Bauer_B

Spent the day photographing Evgeni Malkin and Jordon Stall of the Pittsburgh Penguins for Olson / Nike Bauer. Complete access to every aspect of the game from gearing up in the locker room to on ice practice. Right in line with how I love to shoot. Art direction is minimal "just go with what you see."


Test drove the new Canon 5D Mark II I received almost immediately upon Canon's first shipment thanks to Steve at West Photo here in Minneapolis. Put together a quick test shoot with a local model named Ola and took my first stab at mixing video + stills. For how little prep time we put into this, I am quite pleased at what I came away with. The camera is mixing up the playing field at a time when things are more ripe than ever for change. My good friend Damian Petrou of Brave New Media spent an evening with me putting his Final Cut skills to work. I look forward to seeing where this goes as I am feeling pretty psyched.