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UHG - Work & Play

Projects vary with every client we work with and require different approaches for each scenario, which leave us with memorable experiences; one of them being a project we worked on last summer for United Health Group.

Hunt Adkins contacted us to create visuals for a recruitment lifestyle piece centered around a select group of superstar employees of United Health Group.  The creative concept centered around two scenarios for each employee; one illustrating their work life and the other representing an active experience they excelled at during their personal time.  Both images had to feel iconic in nature, demonstrating that the top employees at UHG work hard and play hard with equal amounts of balance and poise in their lives.  We wanted them to look heroic, knowledgeable and strong, yet approachable as members of the greater team.  For our blog post we've selected highlights from the outside of work, "play" series of the campaign.  Like nearly all of our projects, we not only shoot the hero campaign image, but as time permits work to shoot additional detail / story-telling visuals.  In the case of the UHG project these supporting images nicely augment the master shot we were hired to produce.

The project took us to many locations in and around the Minneapolis area including various UHG campus environments to create custom imagery for nearly 20 employees.  Location scouting took place over two days and became a matrix of logistics in and of itself.  Many of the subjects were flown in to participate, and coordinating their time with that of the locations and our crew was no small feat.  Our producer Tanya Silver once again did a great job lining things up to run smoothly, and as always our shining crew prevailed to help produce amazing imagery for our creative partners at Hunt Atkins and UHG.

Here it is, the heart of winter, and even though we are far from those long summer days, we continue to build on our past experiences and take on new scenarios in collaboration with agencies and clients alike.  Our latest adventure had us on a frozen lake, creating a little winter magic for a TV spot that you will have to keep an eye out for this spring.  Currently we are in NYC for a few days partnering with a new client as well as building relationships with new production partners.

We have a nice library of visuals queued up for a branding refresh that is well underway under the creative talents of Eight Hour Day.  It's always amazing partnering with both Nate and Katie as they truely bring the final shine to everything we exhibit.  The branding refresh will include updates to the portfolio, film reel, and the next iteration of the Newsprint promo.  There are a few other ideas in terms of promotion, that the new branding elements should nicely compliment.  We're always looking for creatively innovative ways to broaden both our experiences as well as how we present the visual elements of JCP.  Thanks for visiting the blog and stay tuned for some engaging updates and refinements...