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Holm’s Home


Word came today that Bill Holm had passed while in route from Arizona back to Minneota (his home town here in Minnesota). My time with Bill last year, shooting for the McKnight Foundation, were some of the best hours with a subject I've ever had. Farewell my friend. You've left a better mark than most, and for your time, and mark on me, I am grateful. Coincidentally EightHourDay just put the final touches on the e-mail promo piece (above) that will be going out soon to promote the latest "Photo Feature," featuring of course - Mr. Holm...

To experience the full multi-media piece please visit JC|P Motion or view it here on the blog.

Big Red

2-22_Target CEO Gregg Steinhafel

Target's long standing CEO Bob Ulrich recently retired passing the torch to Gregg Steinhafel. We had a bit over 5 minutes with Gregg yesterday - shooting for Target's Diversity Report via the Mpls. based agency Little & Company. Gregg's a laid back guy who when asked who his biggest mentors are replied, "My wife and the previous CEO Mr. Ulrich." Right answer and in the right order was the reply I gave. In this town it's only a matter of time before you shoot for Target and I am happy to say my time with Big Red went as smooth as can be hoped when given 5 minutes with the Mick Jagger of retail...

“The Bridge”

2-9_002 Business week 35W Bridge
2-9_003 Business week 35W Bridge

This is the second assignment I've been commissioned to shoot focusing on the Minneapolis bridge that collapsed, its successors construction, and completion. This piece, shot for Business Week, featured John Chiglo who is the manager of the Minnesota Department of Transportation. The lines and light were quite nice. Feels a bit like a super hero...

US Bank

2-4_005 US Bank
2_4_007 US Bank
2-4_001 US Bank
2-4_006 US Bank

Shoot for Intrinzic, an agency based in Cincinatti for US Bank. The story is about "travel" and features 5 US Bank employees on and around the Mpls. light-rail. Cold day for 5+ hours shooting while dressed for a "spring" look.