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Horizon Fitness

This past July we collaborated with Horizon Fitness on their "Designed For Life" campaign.  The project was two-fold creating a "day in the life" montage video highlighting the Horizon line of treadmills, elliptical trainers, and exercise bikes as well as a library of still images for the accompanying print campaign.

The project was unique in that we were brought on in the early stages to storyboard and concept scenarios for each of the pieces of fitness equipment.  Over three days of production we captured the essence of their fitness equipment in lifestyle scenes stretching from indoor, outdoor, urban and rural.

Thanks to the creatives at Horizon Fitness along with our production partners listed below:

Produced and Directed by Jonathan Chapman / JCP
Production - Tanya Silver

Director of Photography - Jonathan Chapman

Edit - Nathaniel Schmidt

First A/C - John Fontana

Second Camera  - Eric Schleicher

Second A/C - Patrick Meehan
Hair / Make-up - Ashlee Ellert
Props / Wardrobe - Sam Trewick
Locations - Anne Healy / Tony Videen

Sound Studio / VO record - PilotVibe

Graphic Animation - CoElement

Music - "Anthemic" c/o Asche & Spencer

Behind the Lens - Los Angeles, CA “Samsung”

"There is so much to do on a film set. It is an extraordinarily invigorating and wonderful place to be, when things are running well."  Ben Kingsley

The next installment of our Behind The Lens series, "Samsung - Los Angeles CA" is complete.  This second episode offers a glimpse into the on set culture over various locations from our 8 day still shoot for Samsung and Turner Duckworth.  If you remember back to June this year, we posted Samsung - The Directors Cut, an edit which highlighted the motion elements we captured video along with the stills for each of the scenarios.  We're constantly refining our process of capturing both still and motion, this episode shows the moulding of both mediums, as well as the large amount of talented people that were brought together for the production.

The episode was shot by Patrick Meehan and edited by Nathaniel Schmidt, view the full list of crew below. Keep an eye out for further Behind The Lens episodes in the new year. 

Crew List:

Agency - Turner Duckworth
Client - Samsung
Design Director - Brian Steele
Photographer / Director - Jonathan Chapman
Producer - Philip Pavliger
Associate Producer - John Fontana
Cinematographer - Patrick Lawler
A/C - Focus Puller - Rich Hawkinson
Assistant Camera - Eric Schleicher
Lead Grip - Tim Olsen
Gaffer - Corrin Hodgson
Digital Tech - Peter Hunner
Wardobe - Danny O’neill
Prop stylist - Michael Cioffoletti
Hair & Makeup - Renee Rael
Styling Assistants - Dare Williams & Nathan Carden

Behind The Lens:

Cinematography - Patrick Meehan
Editing - Nathaniel Schmidt
Music - "North By North" by Faded Paper Figures