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Venice Beach tripdich…

Was drawn in by the first image of this guy amid the architecture of Venice Beach.  Turned into a little tripdich...

invoko -> Part I: Beyond the bend in the road…

Olympic Peninsula - Seattle, WA

"There is a road in the hearts of all of us, hidden and seldom traveled, which leads to an unknown, secret place." - Chief Luther Standing Bear


The launch of invoko is near - a new collaborative side venture jointly marketing the talents of: sound designer Dave Schroeder--PilotVibe, graphic designer Nathan Strandberg--EightHourDay, and myself--Jonathan Chapman Photography. While the three of us have independently teamed up for a variety of projects in the past, invoko's nascent voyage took us to Seattle, Washington. With a local, Seattle based, producer at the helm, our efforts yielded an array of content from the city itself and the surrounding environs. I am pleased to share the first preview of imagery we came away with--surfers from the Olympic Peninsula, and look forward to highlighting other segments of the Seattle journey. In the near future I will be announcing the debut of the full collective multimedia experience - invoko.

Barron’s -> Mr. Frels

William B. Frels

I shot this week for Barron’s – a financial magazine from the publisher of the Wall Street Journal. It was my first shoot for them and I am pleased to say it was a direct result of an e-mail promotion that left my computer last week.
It had been a while since I’d shot in downtown St. Paul, and I was a bit leery of what we’d discover in terms of locations. The subject was William B. Frels, a great name indeed, who works with Mairs and Power Inc. - Minnesota's oldest, continually owned and managed investment firm.

The editor noted a historical backdrop might make sense since the company's website features some vintage imagery. My assistant and I scouted a few blocks adjacent to William’s office and decided to take our subject on a little walk. We began shooting a few selected spots – starting with more standard locales leading up to the more unconventional. Our final stop was an old loading dock cut into the side of a building from around the 1920’s I’d guess. It looked like somewhat of an unsavory place for an executive to spend time, however, the lighting was amazing and despite the darkness and dirt, it was nice of William to humor me as I asked him to follow my lead. We spent about 10 minutes and William’s only comment was “you’re the expert- I trust your judgement.”

All came together quite nicely.

“The Bikery”

090409_bikery 2

Assignment work this week led me to Stillwater, MN via Bicycling Magazine where I photographed Oliver; avid bicyclist and mastermind behind the innovative bakery and bike shop under one roof--The Bikery. Originally from Belgium, Oliver worked as a restauranteur in Bellingham, WA before moving to MN. The Bikery features European inspired pastries, as well as fresh roasted coffee, both prepared daily on site. It comes as no surprise when I learned of the overwhelmingly positive support from bicyclists and cafe patrons alike. The Bikery is a must see if you are ever in Stillwater.

Rain + Snow + Ice


Battling the elements last week, my crew and I found ourselves immersed in the icy remnants of winter on a shoot for Nebulus via Dalton Sherman. Produced by Humble Monkey Productions, the shoot involved coordinating local police, fire, and rescue experts, as well as, their corresponding vehicles based in Hudson, WI. This harrowing rescue scene is one of the examples of what we achieved for the day. The final selects are with the retoucher and should be ready soon.