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Explore the work of Jonathan Chapman through featured locations.

‘The Extra Mile | The Extra Yard’

Production – ‘The Extra Mile - The Extra Yard’ coaching initiative. #chaseyourdreams

Location & Backdrop – The spirit of Friday Night Lights presented itself in this manicured stadium located amid Travis County Texas.

Styling Highlights – The simplicity of a whistle, stopwatch, and clipboard moving in rhythm to the coach’s booming commands.

Subjects – A star athlete & and community revered coach.

Producer Magic – Intimate access and free reign to an immaculate stadium in the heart of Texas.

Lighting – Banks of stadium lights, cutting the early a.m. darkness and illuminating the turf.

Camera & Equipment – Canon 1DX MKII (2), Movi M5, Walkies to cue subjects, and the stadium’s ATV to chauffeur the crew and subjects.

The Unexpected – Coaches do what coaches do best, minimal direction needed to depict our mentor / student narrative.

Set Surprise – Sheen off the bleachers, glint off the fence, unlimited textures to explore.

Quote of the day - “Is that all you got?  GIVE ME MORE SON!!!”  

Weather – An early, 4 a.m. call time punctuated by fog and mist.

Parting Creative – :30 and :60 spots with a complimenting library of still images.

Cheers – Joshua Phipps, Jim Staff, Matthew Slimmer, Nicolas De Miranda, Nathaniel Schmidt, Alejandro Lay, CoElement, Sam Bohlken, Keegan Attlee, John Fontana, Craig Christiansen, The Gren Group, Ryan Taubert, and The Music Bed.

“The quality of a person’s life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence, regardless of their chosen field of endeavor.” - Vince Lombardi

The Family Sabbatical | A Visual Journal of Our Four-Month Adventure

Feature - The JCP print promo book highlighting The Family Sabbatical, a four-month “World is our Classroom” family adventure.

Locations – New Zealand, Japan, Thailand, Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Italy, France Spain, England, & Wales

Family – Jonathan, Michelle, Wesley & Frankie

The Unexpected – Throughout our travels, we became keenly aware of the fact that our kids just sort of assume that we have everything figured out and under control in all situations. In fact, sometimes we were as lost as they were, maybe even more so.

Creative Inspiration – I’ve always loved what I do, but I found myself falling in love with photography in a way that was at once comfortably familiar and completely new. Letting pictures happen instead of trying to make them, allowing the stories to unfold in front of me.

Family High – Venice was one of the most memorable and enjoyable stops on our trip. Wandering around the side streets and alleyways that crisscrossed the medieval city, it was easy and one of the more magical places to get lost.

Hands on Deck – Special thanks to everyone who partnered in the creation of The Family Sabbatical book and website: Sam Bohlken Seth Bohlken Jaime Chismar Charles Youel & Nate Strandberg / Eight Hour Day

PDF - Digital Download

Lands’ End Workwear | Behind The Scenes

BTS Production – Lands’ End Workwear shoot.

Location – Sanborn Canoe Co. Winona, MN.

Camera – (1) Sony FS700

The Unexpected – That beautiful light floating sawdust particles across its morning beams.  

Music Track – Mexican Jackpot (Instrumental) by Flagship – Represented by MusicBed.

Filmed and edited by Josh LeClair who comments “Just being on the scout day I knew from the location and crew that it was going to be a great shoot.  Very thankful to be a part of shooting the BTS video of a hard working group and can't wait to do it again!”

MN Monthly | Rosemount Marching Band

Production – Atten-Hut! MN Monthly Editorial featuring the Rosemount Marching Band.

Location – Rosemount, MN

Backdrop – The Rosemount bandroom, the football field and everywhere in between.

Styling Highlights – Elaborate marching band uniforms and accompanying swagger.

Talent – 273 high school marching band members.

Camera – (2) Canon 1DX MK II

Lighting – The ambient of late afternoon in Rosemount, Minnesota

The Unexpected – The sheer number of band members and their collective, perfectly synched sound.

Prop Love – Full section of brass horns from the Tuba to the Trumpet.

Set Surprise - Some of the band members are also on the football team pulling double duty.

Quote of the day - "Atten-Hut"!

Weather – Hot and steamy.

Parting Creative – A selection of still photos featured in the October issue of Minnesota Monthly Magazine.

Lands’ End Workwear | Sanborn Canoe Co.

Production – Lands’ End Workwear

Location – Sanborn Canoe Co.

Backdrop – A niche paddle and canoe business nestled amid scenic bluff country in the heart of Winona, Minnesota.

Call Time and Environment – 5 a.m. A woodpile lined driveway a stone's throw from the Mississippi River.

Talent – The cast. crew, and family behind Sanborn Canoe Co.

Craft Service Love – Sawdust sprinkles in our coffee…with a box of Bloedow's donuts to keep us all going.

Gear – Movi M5 Gimbal + Inspire 1 Pro Drone.

Lighting – Skypanel 60, Fiilex P360 kit & BBS Area 48 LED.

Camera – (2) Canon 1DX MKII, (1) Canon 5D Mark IV.

The Unexpected – Hood surfing on the front of a vintage Landcruiser… Anything for the shot!

Styling Highlights – On-site tailoring by the Lands’ End styling team. 

Prop Love – Vintage hand tools, saws, and sanders throwing up dust, adding a “hell yes” element of amazing to our visuals…

Weather – Mostly sunny with a surprise, brief rain shower timed perfectly to showcase a Lands’ End "all-weather" jacket.

Parting Creative – A brand film and library of still images highlighting Lands’ End’s “Workwear” line of clothing and apparel.

Crew High – Drooling over Sanborn’s collection of paddles, canoes, and outdoor swag. A paddle proudly now hangs at JCP HQ as a sweet reminder of a favorite production to date.

Hands on Deck – The Gren Group, Tanya Silver, Kyle Ramsey-Moe, Nicolas De Miranda, Ashlee Ellert, Justin Silvis, John Fontana, Lily PIke, Cj Eigenschenk, Hanna Murray, Ren LaDassor, Jimmy McCune, Brienne Neumann, Midwest Mohos, Adam Duguay + CoElement, The Musicbed

Special Guest Appearance and BTS Cameraman - Josh LeClair

JHT | Global by Design

Production – Johnson Health Tech. Ltd. “Global by Design”

Location – JHT North American headquarters

Backdrop – Fabrication workshop, design studio, test lab, workout zones, offices.

Styling Highlights – Natural with a few options for clothing provided by subjects.

Talent – JHT employees.

Craft Service Love – The usual goodies with a few swipes from the receptionist’s candy dish.

Lighting – Ambient with supplemental LED lighting with Visual Buddhas and Area 48.

Camera – (2) Canon 1DC Mark II bodies with Canon prime lens library.

The Unexpected – Learning more about the process of building top-notch fitness equipment from concept to final product.

Prop Love – Lots of found objects and prototype pieces were used for props. "Might the paint booth be of interest?" Yes, please!

Set Surprise – Last scenes of the day working with golden light and magic dust in the air.   

Quote of the Day – “I like to go to places offsite like the zoo or the airport to watch people haul baggage on and off the carousel. It’s really informative because you see where people are struggling with balance, upper body strength and seeing where things are applicable to daily life.”

Spontaneous Inspiration – The 3D printer in the design area.

Weather – Late Fall, no snow, and still warm enough for a light jacket.

Parting Creative – A brand video and a library of still images.

Shining a Light on The Lone Star | Motorcycle Restoration

Production – The third of three JCP “Shining a Light on the Lone Star” Texas short-film profiles.

Location & Backdrop – A motorcycle restoration garage “Limey Bikes" and the streets and countryside surrounding Austin, Texas

Styling Highlights – Oil pans, layers of chrome, tattoos, tools, 1970’s Honda’s, Suzuki’s, Yamaha’s and Kawasaki motorcycles.

Subjects – Chris Kelland and Caitlin Kraus

Producer Magic – Austin based producer Matthew Slimmer jockeying traffic with our mini-van keeping pace with our rider, channeling his internal GPS.

Lighting – Garage door silhouettes, sun flares, and shadows throughout the shop and countryside.

Camera – (2) Canon 1DX MKII

The Unexpected – A rare 1970’s Yamaha race bike in the process of being restored.

Prop Love – Points and condensers, spark plugs, Keihin carburetors, sockets, screwdrivers, wrenches and of course non-oxy petrol and oil. 

Set Surprise – A lot of motorcycle mechanics don’t ride very much.

Quote of the day - “There’s something very delightful about getting something running that hadn’t run in 60 years functioning again. So it’s kind of like raising the dead really. It’s like creating motorcycle zombies.” 

Inspiration and Appreciation – Extensive knowledge of old bikes and how to bring them back to life. We witnessed a fast and accurate carburetor tuning on a 70’s Honda CB175, vertical twin engine.

Weather – Afternoon in the summer, Austin style – hot and humid. 

Parting Creative – A video profile and library of still images highlighting a motorcycle mechanic and rider.

Shining a Light on The Lone Star | Texas Farrier

Production – The second of three JCP “Shining a Light on the Lone Star” Texas short-film profiles.

Location – Hill Country (Just outside Austin, Texas).

Backdrop – Small horse stable, acres of land, and a farrier’s truck with an assortment of tools of a farrier’s trade.

Styling Highlights – Portable / mobile gas forge.  

Subject – Andrew Desoto, Farrier at Desoto Hoofcare

Producer Magic – Calming a neighbor we came upon on a long, rural driveway. She was dialing the police, assuming we were uninvited and up to something suspicious (likely startled by the first-light “whine” of our drone just clearing her treetops).

Lighting – Break of dawn, ambient.

Camera – (2) Canon 1DX MKII

The Unexpected – Smoke filling our frames as the hot, fresh from the forge horseshoes met the horses feet. One of those, "glad the cameras are rolling," moments as the visual made for a beautiful final shot in the edit.

Prop Love – Horseshoes, hammers, nails, portable forge and anvil.

Set Surprise – Farrier terminology coming at us during our interview i.e. clenches, clips, etc.

Quotes of the day -  “At some point I turned into my Dad and Grandpa and got really into tools and making things.” “The Marine Corps ruined me to the point if I’m not hot, sweaty and dirty I don’t feel like I’ve been working.”

Inspiration and Appreciation - Watching Andrew shoe a horse for an actual client. His moves were calculated perfection with a serene presence. He’s both part horse whisperer and metal fabricator.

Weather – Texas hot and even hotter while standing near the forge.

Parting Creative – A video profile and library of still images highlighting Andrew Desoto, proprietor and farrier - Desoto Hoofcare.

Shining a Light on The Lone Star | Texas BBQ

Production – The first of three JCP “Shining a Light on the Lone Star” Texas based, short-film profiles.

Location – Snow’s BBQ, Lexington, Texas

Subject - Tootsie Tomanetz, 81-year-old pitmaster

Call time – 4 a.m. in the pit, a 2:30 a.m. departure from our basecamp in Austin.

Backdrop – An open-air, smoke and spark-filled restaurant in the heart of Texas.

Talent –Tootsie, Kerry, and the crew…

Craft Service Love – Iced tea, king-size in styrofoam cups.

Gear Tip – Greasy hands are a compliment when it comes to Movi jib moves.

Lighting – Fiilex P360 kit & Visual Buddha LED panels.

Camera – (2) Canon 1DX MKII

The Unexpected – A queue starting at 6 a.m. Folks traveling from Houston for Snow’s 8 a.m. official opening.

Styling Highlights – Greasy aprons.
Prop Love – BBQ mitts, greasy aprons, stacks of firewood, vats of baked beans. Everything that compliments the art of slow smoking a beautiful piece of meat.

Set Surprise – The kitchen hand who tends the baked beans and other sides is 94 years old!
Quote of the day -  “It’s fun one day a week. Any more than that and it’s work!”

Weather – Cooler at 4AM, warming by the minute as the pits and sun came to life.

Parting Creative – A video profile and library of still images highlighting Tootsie Tomanetz, Pitmaster at Snow’s BBQ.

Crew High – Departing with a full-belly, bbq breakfast rounding out the experience.

Piper Jaffray | Mpls + SF + NYC

Production – Piper Jaffray

Agency – Schermer

Creatives – Shannon Daugherty & Melissa Pfannenstiel

Brand Tag – “Realize the Power of Partnership”

Backdrop – Piper Jaffray HQ in Minneapolis and the streets of San Francisco + New York City.

Talent – Agency talent mixed with real employees.

Lighting – Buddha LED panels, Area 48, and our old friend ambient light.

Styling Highlights – iPads, pens, leather binders and branded mugs.

Camera – Canon 1DC x 2

The Unexpected – Piper Jaffray has been in business for over century and has weathered many an economic storm during that 100+ year history.

Set Surprise – Natural, diffused light complimented by layers of glass.

Spontaneous Inspiration – Slow-shutter blurs of financial execs on the move.

Weather – August in Minneapolis, hard to top!

Parting Creative – 1 brand anthem film and 6 final retouched images.

Agency Kudos - “Jonathan is truly an artist. The lens in which he sees the world transforms normalcy into art. It’s exciting to be a part of the process. When we hire Jonathan and his team, we are consistently blown away by their creativity, problem solving and collaboration.” - Shannon Daugherty, Sr. Art Director