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A Minneapolis Morning & Bicycling Magazine

Bicycling has a great presence in the Twin Cities and it's no surprise when you spend a little time out on the bike paths criscrossing the city.  Bicycling Magazine brought us on to create imagery for a segment called "Know How / Big Picture," which is running in the current October issue.  We're always so excited to be bouncing around town with bicycles, cameras, and early morning light on an assignment, capturing the moment.  Our model Michale, happens to be an avid biker and was perfect for this project.  With my assistant and talent in the cab and three bikes in the bed, we set out for a few destinations in my 1965 Ford truck.  It didn't take long to compile a list of locations to hit, most of which were best accessed via bicycle.  The light that morning was quite beautiful and provided so many options as we all biked in and out of locations all around the metro area.  It was a great morning of shooting, sharing stories and collaborating together on this project.