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Best Buy | Embrace Your Potential

Production - Best Buy’s “Embrace your Potential” campaign.

Locations - Best Buy retail stores in Los Angeles and New York.

Production Window - 11pm to 7am #midnightoil

Backdrop - Various departments within a Best Buy store.

Talent - Mix of Best Buy employees and local talent.

Camera - (2) Canon 1DX MK II, (1) Canon 5D Mark IV.

Lighting - (2) Arri Sky Panels + in store overhead lighting – (daylight balanced).

The Unexpected - Special made Best Buy apparel worn by the staff and used only for photo and video production.

Prop Love - Everything and anything sold in Best Buy retail locations.

Set Surprise - An espresso machine provided by the producer to keep everyone energized.

Spontaneous Inspiration - The upbeat attitude of all the Best Buy employees, coming in to celebrate all-nighters with us.

Parting Creative - (60) final still images supporting the “Embrace your Potential” campaign as well as the JCP Director’s cut highlighting some of our favorite moments in motion.