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Bright Lights: Metal In The City -> Final Cut

The final video edit of "Bright Lights: Metal In The City" is complete. After much conversation and dialogue surrounding both the edit and color, editor Alex Horner has put the finishing touches on the final cut.

As mentioned in the post on February 2nd, Alex was brought on to capture video alongside the stills I was shooting on this test project involving a car + model amid the streets of the Minneapolis Warehouse District.

The end goal was to cut together a very short narrative, a piece that would match the look and feel of my stills. This is something I am working hard to refine as we dive deeper into the world of video. It's exciting to continually learn what works and what doesn't.

Alex has done a great job with editing, grading and even providing an original track by Composer Steve Horner, his father. I really like where the final piece has ended up. I might add headphones certainly accentuate the experience.

More video on the way. Just shot a still project for the N.Y. based agency The Halo Group at a local hospital here in Minneapolis. We wrapped a little earlier than anticipated so we quickly shifted gears to capture a little video. This content won't likely be used or licensed by the agency, rather will hopefully inspire and cultivate some ideas for another project down the road. The content will likely make its way into my first "reel" which will be coming together soon.

As always it's a great to collaborate with other professionals in the creative industry. Things are changing quickly in some interesting and exciting ways...