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City Target - Seattle

One of the longtime mantras of Target; "Fast, Fun, and Friendly" might now need to add "Urban" to the lineup as the newest iteration of Target stores has been gearing up with multiple city locations that have a smaller footprint and cater to the needs of a denser population.

We spent time in the downtown Seattle City Target in collaboration with Little and Company capturing the visual essence of the new store format for a profile story in Target's RED Magazine.  Nestled in the lower 3 floors of the Newmark residential tower just blocks away from the world renowned Pike Place Market - the location couldn't be better. 

This City Target is one of three original stores of this type to debut; ready to serve a unique mix of office workers, tourists, and residents in nearby condos and apartments.  With additional City Targets in Chicago, San Francisco, and LA, the mega retailer is offering city dwellers an economical option in a boutique size.  It will be interesting to see how these new stores will be received as well as watching for possible integration into other urban markets.

We've been busy working on a number of fronts including a recent project in NYC for Ogilvy, a 23 hour trip to Alabama for Target, and prep for an upcoming production next week in Southern California.  Behind the scenes here at the studio it's been exciting to have Nathaniel Schmidt on board.  His new editing suite is nearly complete including a 50" monitor to showcase his editing magic.  In addition to all of this, we've been prepping still and film based visuals for the JCP brand refresh that's well in the works; once again tapping the talents of Eight Hour Day.  We're also psyched to be infusing the copy-writing talents of Charles Youel, the force behind ARTCRANK, on a new section of the website titled "Behind the Lens."  We'll also be teaming up with Charles on a forthcoming short film, produced by JCP, featuring NYC's Central Park.