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Our good friends at nFusion out of Austin, TX brought us on once again this year to continue to build as well as update the image library for Zimmer Spine that we started in 2009. This year we spent two days shooting in Minneapolis at a local hospital as well as Zimmer's recently remodeled HQ.

We've had great success in the recent past, securing a local hospital for a few projects and suggested to nFusion that this facility be used as the main location for the first day of shooting and production with Zimmer Spine. Having access to a real operating room helped our talent to ease into the roles of portraying a surgical team working alongside a Zimmer Spine representative. With an optimal environment such as this, it made it much easier to achieve a realistic look as well as increase and take the overall production value to a higher level than they were used to.

Our second day of shooting was spent at the Zimmer Spine headquarters in Bloomington, MN where various doctor / patient / Zimmer Spine Specialist scenarios shaped up nicely throughout the day. From conference room seminars with reps and surgeons, to a hands on practical experience in an on-site operating room, we had amazing surroundings for every scenario with each shot layered in realism and contemporary architecture.

As always a big thank you goes out to producer Bobbi Peacock and all the crew and talent who helped pull together two fruitful days of shooting in a variety of locations.

Next up- we'll be departing for St. Louis shortly to spend a couple of days amid the environs of a dog show at the "Purina Farm;" shooting once again for Purina via Colle+McVoy. I am really looking forward to this project as there seems to be no shortage of visual options with camera in hand at a dog show. There will no doubt be a post coming from this in the future...