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Do The Waddle

The Minnesota Zoo launched a new exhibit featuring Spheniscus demersus or better known as the South African Penguin. We were brought on by Clarity Coverdale Fury to partner on creating a 30 second t.v. spot which involved two separate shoots. The first had us filming the penguins in their holding area, prior to the exhibit's opening, against a white sweep. You'll see the footage from this shoot at the end of the spot where the penguins waddle on white towards the camera. The second shoot had us on working on location at the zoo alongside the dancers who choreographed the "Waddle Dance." Our talent were actual zoo patrons who after given a brief dance lesson by the choreographers, were then filmed jumping, shaking, singing, and waddling. Thanks to the crew and everyone who helped pull it all together. There were smiles all around and it couldn't have been a more exciting way to spend a summer day working.

The spot began airing here in the Twin Cities shortly after the 4th of July. Some of you may have already seen the commercial and even caught yourself singing the catchy jingle "Penguins do the waddle" by the end of the broadcast. For those who haven't, take a moment to check it out here and learn how to do the waddle.

Shortly after the debut of the commercial, one of our colleagues pointed out a behind the scenes edit that the Mn Zoo was promoting on their site. The video features many members of our cast and crew working together to capture the essence of the Waddle. Take a look at what went into making "Do The Waddle" for the Minnesota Zoo.

It was a great project to be a part of and we are very excited about the final cut, edited by Schnitt Edit here in Minneapolis. Before the summer slips away make sure you head over to the Minnesota Zoo and practice your waddle with the South African Penguins.