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Earnestine & Hazels - Wait For Me…

Looking back at our blog post from last November we introduced a new series of stills taken in Memphis, TN at the infamous locale, Earnestine & Hazel's.  We are proud to announce the second half of the project; a motion companion piece.

We were introduced to Earnestine & Hazel's during a previous visit to Memphis and within minutes of crossing the threshold knew this was a place to keep in mind for a future shoot.  Like many of our personal projects, a simple idea, a subject or two, and an interesting backdrop are often all that's needed to create interesting visuals as well as help in the refinement of our craft.  This is one of the first motion shoots where most of the footage was shot in a handheld fashion, more in the vein of our still work.  We also experimented with the refraction or shaping of light by holding small translucent items in front of the lens.  It's hard to predict the outcome, but in some instances it added an additional layer of interest.

The post / finishing work came together in collaboration with Minneapolis based Eric Schleicher "FilmerKid."  We are always working to experiment with both shooting and editing.  Eric brought a fresh approach to our motion clips, blending many of the subjects and scenes in a way that seemed almost natural to what we had shot.

The music track "Wait for me" was sourced from Moby Gratis: a site inspired by variations of existing and unreleased tracks by Moby for use in personal projects.  This site has intrigued us for quite some time and has always been in the back of our minds as a possibility for an upcoming test or personal motion project.  The Earnestine and Hazels project seemed a likely candidate for a song by the electronic music legend.  After several plays it's uncanny how well the pacing of the visuals meld with the music and vice-versa.  The opening title graphics and ending credits were designed by Minneapolis based graphic designer Laura Foster.  We are quite pleased with how it all came together and invite you to experience Earnestine & Hazel's - Wait For Me.

This past month we have begun shooting on both of Canon's latest cameras- the C300 and the 5DMark III.  We look forward to sharing what we've been working on and are excited with the innovations in both capture and workflow that have evolved.