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El Bosque | Vol. 1

As we finally approach the descent on winter’s slope, looking forward to the slide into spring, here is a selection of stills from a personal project shot in a kinder weathered Central Park, NYC. 

The project came about from a portfolio showing visit to New York in the early months of 2013.  Following our usual approach of exploring an environment with a subject or two, the story most often comes together on location with a few initial ideas to springboard the creative.  NY-based actor Jason Hurt and I set off into the woods of Central Park with limited time, a few props and ideas nestled in our pockets and minds.  The result of our time together in the park has become “El Bosque,” a tale of visuals loosely woven around the writings of Henry David Thoreau. 

When it comes to personal shooting, I enjoy getting into the grit of a subject and pushing the boundaries to explore new territories.  In this first look I am pleased to share the experience through the still images of the story and look forward to sharing the second installment in the form of a cinematic narrative.