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Hills of Gold

"The secret to mountain biking is pretty simple. The slower you go the more likely it is you'll crash." ~Julie Furtado


Adventure can take many forms and often times it's what or whom you bring to a situation that really shapes a golden moment. Although we booked two extra days for some pre-arranged test shooting after our recent Palm Springs project, the time really seemed to fly. We made the most of it one morning by meeting up with two local mountain bikers in a place referred to as the The Goat Trails of Palm Springs. Awake by 4:30 and on location and shooting within the hour, we captured both stills and video from various vantage points of the two riders. They made their way through the mountainous terrain described as, "a plethora of single-track that varies from swooping, flowing, gradual downhill to gnarly exposed, steep and loose technical goodness."

The motion edit is underway by a new editor whom we've just begun to partner with. It will debut soon via the blog and JCP site. For now enjoy the still images and yearn a bit for the snow to start melting followed by some, hopefully early spring riding…