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The photography business is in a constant state of flux and the merging of the world of still and motion seems near the forefront of what is being discussed in terms of new creative content.

Over the past year, we have worked to evolve visually and have been a part of several video based collaborations. As time marches on and projects come and go, a whole new set of work has emerged. An update to the website seemed obvious and became something we worked hard to get underway between projects.

We didn't feel the need to reinvent from scratch, but rather take on a solid refresh of everything that was good about the old site, along with new additions to spotlight fresh work and our recent ventures into the world of DSLR video. We once again tapped Nathan Strandberg and Katie Kirk, of Eighthourday, for the redesign / update which now features larger portfolio images, a sleeker, cleaner appearance, and a new section entitled "JC|P Motion;" dedicated entirely to our video and interactive based projects.

Take a moment to look around the renewed JCP site and be sure to spend some time with the new section JC|P Motion where you’ll find our newest piece "La Vie..." based on the still imagery of the Runner shoot produced near the end of last year.