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Joshua Tree

"It's the Joshua Tree's struggle that gives it its beauty." - Jeanette Wells


At the end of our time in California last week we were fortunate enough to spend a couple days out in the environs of Joshua Tree. This is a place that has a particular draw for a diverse group of people from famous rock and rollers to spiritualists and artists to name a few. It seems people from all walks of life have passed through the area at one time or another, and we were happy to add our names to the long list of those who have come here before us.

We met up with a few locals and spent some time with musician Tim Easton, had a bite to eat at the Ricochet Cafe and turned in for the night at the Joshua Tree inn just a few doors down from Gram Parson's final resting place. Stay tuned for upcoming content from these and other adventures from Joshua Tree and down the hill along highway 62.