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Let’s Go Fly… -> Part II


"Kites rise highest against the wind, not with it." - Winston Churchill


With any project there is always a degree of production which invariably focuses on the "details." The recent kite project, which is taking shape nicely to be the next JC|P "Motion" feature, was no exception as we brought on talent, crew, equipment, and props-both large and small.

The largest item procured was a beautifully maintained 1971 MG B roadster brought to us by the owner Al Anderson through a contact at Quality Coaches. The classic British sports car provided an alternative option to American iron. With the top down, the car provided a micro environment to photograph our mother and daughter amid wheat fields, tall grasses, gentle rolling hills and an almost infinite sky. On the smaller end of the spectrum we combed the internet and worked with a local prop stylist to secure several varieties of kites- not knowing what would work best to tell the narrative we had loosely storyboarded.

In between seemingly non-stop travel over the past couple months, we've been in contact and conversation with our editor at Elemental Motion Media who is taking the reigns of editing, color, and audio for this project. We're also partnering once again with EightHourDay and look forward to the design elements they'll be bringing to the final piece.

The details are what tie it all together. We're getting close to the final cut; our next installment to the JC|P Motion section of the site. Check back soon as "Let's Go Fly" is nearing completion.