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Let’s Go Fly -> Premiere

The newest addition to the growing JC|P Motion archive launches today. We are proud to present "Let's Go Fly" a collaborative piece brought about by the efforts of a great crew and talented post production team. As we've moved forward into video since the launch of HDDSLR cameras it became obvious very quickly that the most important and essential element to pull together any type of motion based project is seeking and building relationships with those in the film + video industry.

We would like to call out a few individuals that really helped shape and mold the piece from beginning to end into the final piece here on the blog.

Adam Duguay, of Elemental Motion Media, worked with us to finesse the finer points all through the editing process. He has implemented a cutting edge technique to help bring the grading as close as possible to the color corrected stills I initially provided as a guide. In addition to all of the editing, Adam has also brought my logo to life in a new animated form which is featured in this piece and will be present in all video projects going forward.

Katie Kirk and Nathan Strandberg of Eight Hour Day have been with me since the beginning working their design magic to elevate everything they touch to an amazing end aesthetic. Credit for the custom opening illustration goes to Katie and her sensibilities regarding the piece as a whole. She has helped guide us in a different direction graphically from our past motion designs, which has been a welcome change and will certainly influence our approach to the next project. Thank you both for your contribution to the piece.

"Let's Go Fly" is the third collaboration with Alex Horner who worked with us on filming "Un Jour Dans La Vie d'un Coureur" and "Bright Lights: Metal In The City." Alex has always brought a great sense of technical and visual insight to all our projects, and we have enjoyed seeing the various perspectives he provides as our second camera operator.

This piece is the first to have audio captured on location while we were filming and allowed us to bring in Patrick Schaefer. Patrick did a great job and helped educate us on the importance of slating a scene to make sure the audio is synced with the video when it comes time for the editing process. When you hear the birds chirping think of Patrick with boom in hand, mixers set and the record button on.

Without further ado..."Let's Go Fly"