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LSI - The Epicenter of Playgrounds…

Whether we realize it or not playground equipment has been a part of most of our lives ever since we can remember. It's one of those things that is assumed to just exist, but where does it come from and who builds this stuff?

Behind some of the most creatively engineered and highest quality equipment is Landscape Structures Inc. (LSI) a company located in Delano, MN that has been building and installing commercial playground equipment since 1971. With over 50,000 structures worldwide, it's easy to see that LSI is definitely a leader in their industry. Little and Company brought us on to document the inner workings of the factory where all the magic happens. From welding raw materials, applying the primer and color coats to the final inspection before packing and shipping, we had the privilege of seeing how it all comes together as a top notch product ready for installation at a playground near you.

For the next week or so we will be on the road heading to Palm Springs to photograph various canines once again for Purina via Colle+McVoy. The warmer weather will be a welcome break from the deep freeze we have been going through. Look for a few shots from sunny California in our next post.