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Making History | Int Women’s Day & Under Armour

Production – We leveraged our time and crew after a commercial production to shoot “Make History,” a personal spec project honoring International Women’s Day.

Location – The Lone Star’s Austin, Texas.

Backdrop – Austin’s urban landscape.

Talent – One female runner athlete who excelled at the 50 yard dash, several dozen times!

Brand – We often tie brands to spec projects. Under Armour felt like an ideal fit in terms of a full line of clothing and footwear, as well as having a headquarters based in Austin.

Lighting – A mix of ambient and background city lights.

Camera – (2) Canon 1DX MKII, (1) Canon 5D Mark IV.

The Unexpected – Prop and wardrobe shopping with the second camera operator a few hours before meeting up with the talent.  

Prop & Styling Love – A variety of clothing from Under Armour and of course, running shoes.

Set Surprise – The endurance and stamina of the runner.

Spontaneous Inspiration – One location inspired another and another...

Weather – Misty and warm.

Edit Inspiration / VO – Helen Reddy from “Accomplished Women.” Our editor Nathaniel Schmidt found Helen's historic talk. The energy and messaging felt a natural fit to the vibe and inspiration of the edit. Our subject / model and athlete Niccole Crank is a mother, runner, teacher with a wide range of studies including an MA in English.

Parting Creative – 1 final :30 spec video featuring Under Armour clothing and a library of accompanying still photos.

Music: Gathering Winds by Bradford Nyght.

Contributors: Niccole Crank, Matthew Slimmer, Nathaniel Schmidt, Nicolas De Miranda, Nick Mihalevich, Alejandro Lay, John Fontana, Tzvetelina Pramatarov, The Music Bed, Brandford Nyght, Lucas Bryce.