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Matrix | Fitness Enlightened

A stone washed smooth by the water's edge, a palm frond cutting the early morning light, natural elements of wood, cotton, steel seamlessly complimenting our surroundings.  When a call came through earlier this year to produce a still and motion based lifestyle campaign centered around health, wellness, enlightenment, and fitness (with a likely location being Hawaii) we were certainly intrigued. 

One of the top tiers in fitness equipment Matrix Fitness certainly stands apart and on the top rung.  Found in high end resorts and hotels around the world, we were introduced to the multi-faceted lineup with locations as diverse as Toronto and Maui serving as backdrops for talent and machines alike.

One of the many incentives of traveling to diverse locations are the uniquely varied textures found in and around each environment.  Being aware of and capturing the abstract, colorful, and unscripted details that surrounded our locations was an integral part of the shot list and project objectives.  This was an early cue that the desired creative visuals were right in line with how we thrive and find ourselves the most excited behind the camera.

Out of all the locations, Maui was definitely at the top of the list.  Warm sun, ocean breezes, and a whole host of other positives combined to make this a unique and ideal place to support the shoot.  Looking back at the visuals we captured, it could not have been successful without our amazing crew who kept things fresh and spirited in all of these varied locations.  A big shout of thanks "Mahalo" to Matthew Slimmer for his work producing this project that spanned over two months of on and off travel to four different markets.

Enjoy a sample of our favorite stills as well as the final video, edited by Minneapolis based Nathaniel Schmidt

Fall has come and seems to be on the way out for us who call the Midwest home.  The temps are definitely on the decline as another year winds down.  Thankfully luck seems in our favor as we have our sights on warmer envrons for the next few weeks with upcoming travel to Los Angeles and Austin, TX in our sights.  As always, thanks for checking in and taking a moment to catch up on the latest at JCP!