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McDonald’s | Under The Golden Arches

Production – Golden Arches, aka McDonald’s

Locations – Las Vegas, Portland, Seattle and Austin

Backdrop – Golden Arches, cities of magnitude, kitchens, dining areas, service counters, parking lots, and drive thru windows.

Styling Highlights – The wide variety of props only found at McDonald’s, plus a few personal items from employees and patrons.  

Talent – 98% real people casted on location in advance of the shoot alongside others discovered on the spot. Austin had a few agency hipsters mixed in.  

Gear – We packed light and brought the essentials.  

Lighting – Fiilex P360EX kit, Texas & Vegas sun, Portland & Seattle clouds, the warm glow from the parking lot Arches, and our Flexfill bounces.          

Cameras – (2) Canon 1DX MKII, (1) Canon 5d MKIV

The Unexpected – Working with 3 PA’s in each market made for a multi-faceted crew with a lot of fun stories.

Prop Love – McNuggets, Big Macs, Quarter Pounders, McCafes, and of course French Fries

Set Surprise – Heather’s pups making a guest appearance.  

Spontaneous Inspiration - Powell’s Bookstore in Portland along with a few Blue Star donuts to top off the morning.

Weather – Four different areas of the country with a seasonal mix to keep things fresh.

Parting Creative – A robust library of stills and video to showcase all things McD’s.