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MEMORY is the latest short from JCP; a story that explores the relationship between a young couple amid the natural environs of Los Angeles' Runyon Canyon. The location was chosen for the varied terrain and unique proximity within the city. An early rise with crew and talent in tow, the project was very loosely scripted. Direction was subtle and while we had tech-scouted the afternoon and evening prior, much of what we thought might unfold, vastly changed once we were on location with the subjects interacting and the camera rolling. 

Edited by Nathaniel Schmidt, the visuals are presented as a non-linear narrative leaving room for interpretation by the viewer. Schmidt states “The goal was to evoke pure natural emotion without a script. Creating a subtle story gives the viewer an interpretational meaning to take away. We aren't telling the viewer what to feel and think, rather giving them the ability to make a human connection. Some will love it and some won't care for it. That's the beauty of the creative process.”

We are always working to evolve and refine our storytelling skills. Conceptual projects such as MEMORY both fuels and inspires myself and the crew, which we rely on for day-to-day commercial production. From the early studio discussions, to location, to working in the edit suite, something new always comes about while retaining a common thread to our process and visuals.

Produced and Directed by Jonathan Chapman
Production / location / talent coordination - John Fontana
Edit - Nathaniel Schmidt
Director of Photography - Jonathan Chapman
A/C - Patrick Meehan / Nathaniel Schmidt 
Gaffer - Tim Olsen
Digital Tech - Peter Hunner
Talent - Tearra Rosario / Shawn Maguire
Location - Runyon Canyon, Los Angeles Ca.
Color Grading - Jonathan Chapman 
Music - "24fps" - The-Candlepark-Stars

This blog post was drafted at 35k feet careening West over the Atlantic Ocean. On board, myself, John Fontana, and Eric Schleicher, all feeling a bit ragged and weary from another round of shooting for McDonald's. This particular voyage took us to Germany, Spain, and England where in addition to shooting at some of Europe and the UK's newest McDonald's restaurants, allowed time to appreciate the finer elements of travel abroad. Oktoberfest in Munich, paella in Spain, and cask drawn ales from various cities in the UK are a few highlights. It's personal projects such as MEMORY that pave the way to clients and projects of this nature. It's a constant hustle, but a rewarding one that broadens our scope and keeps us doing what we do.