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New JC|P Branding

Some exciting changes are on the very near horizon here at JC|P! In between projects we've been keeping busy with industry partners on a newly refined website, portfolio, promo campaign, and the JC|P motion reel; something that's often requested but until recently has always been, "in the works."

With all the recent motion work augmenting the still projects, it became apparent to give a bit more thought as to how we might incorporate this into the overall brand. Today's post offers a sneak peak at the new branding badges designed by Eight Hour Day that represents both the motion and photography side of the business.

The time, energy, and expense that it takes to "freshen up" the brand has always proven well worth everything that has gone into it. These changes are integral and rewarded with even more interesting and exciting partnerships. We look forward to rolling things out and even more, where the road ahead will take things.