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“Ola 2”

"Ola 2" is the recently edited second short of the video test produced back in December using Canon’s 5D Mark II. Some creatives at Colle McVoy recommended that I talk with Ben Cohen for the part II edit. Ben’s an up-and-coming video editor from Minneapolis who specializes in digital media production. He has produced, directed, and edited videos for many top agencies. Aside from working on award winning, integrated ad campaigns, he has also created original content including: music videos with exclusive Mtv premieres, multiple features in some of the web's biggest blogs and much more.

Thanks Ben for your suggestions and creative insight as I learn. Also, thanks to Ola Betiku our model and Adam Hester who assisted me on this project with “ideas” more than setting up stands. I am pleased to say collaborations such as this are becoming more frequent and I’ve never been more excited about the possibilities around the corner. I have no plans to become a full time film or video based shooter- rather find opportunities to capture segments of video to pair and cut together with my still work. It’s all about the web. What keeps me interested and psyched to be in this line of work is partnering with those who are at the top of their game in joint creative ventures.

Stay tuned…