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Olson + Bauer -> Behind the Scenes…

Up to this point, the blog has been a venue to highlight finished still + video projects; however, for this installment we thought it would be great to add a behind the scenes look at the Bauer Hockey Athletic Camp 2010 via Olson.

Each of the nine players we photographed were suspended on an 8'x 5' sheet of 1.25" Plexiglas set into a custom iron frame sourced by producer Jim Graham of Power Plant Productions. The force exerted by the blades upon the surface of the Plexi turned out to be 100psi per hockey skate blade. With a professional NHL player above, I needed to ensure that he wouldn't come crashing through, which explains the need for the robust dimensions of the Plexiglas.

In addition to the still photos, composited by retoucher Brad Palm, take a moment to view the time-lapse sequence, compiled by Elemental Motion Media, of the crew and the NHL players that converged in Atlantic City to produce the still images.