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FedEx | On Time, Every Time…

After recent travel to New Zealand, Japan, Thailand, and much of Europe it seemed appropriate to feature a production for FedEx, a brand that certainly spans the globe.

To see a Frank Gehry building is nothing short of extraordinary; it's an eye catching moment of curving stainless steel splendor. The Weisman Art Museum played just the role, offering a perfect backdrop to our shoot for FedEx. Shots from above, below and all around provided the elements to tell the story of the "Custom Critical" service branch of FedEx. When a crucial piece of art or any other invaluable object needs transit to another location, FedEx has the means to get it there on time, every time without fail. The shoot encompassed so many aspects of the delivery process and we were able to take advantage of beautiful morning light with the unique shapes of the Gehry architecture standing tall in the background.