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JCP Travel Map

Explore the work of Jonathan Chapman through featured locations.

Piper Jaffray | Mpls + SF + NYC

Production – Piper Jaffray

Agency – Schermer

Creatives – Shannon Daugherty & Melissa Pfannenstiel

Brand Tag – “Realize the Power of Partnership”

Backdrop – Piper Jaffray HQ in Minneapolis and the streets of San Francisco + New York City.

Talent – Agency talent mixed with real employees.

Lighting – Buddha LED panels, Area 48, and our old friend ambient light.

Styling Highlights – iPads, pens, leather binders and branded mugs.

Camera – Canon 1DC x 2

The Unexpected – Piper Jaffray has been in business for over century and has weathered many an economic storm during that 100+ year history.

Set Surprise – Natural, diffused light complimented by layers of glass.

Spontaneous Inspiration – Slow-shutter blurs of financial execs on the move.

Weather – August in Minneapolis, hard to top!

Parting Creative – 1 brand anthem film and 6 final retouched images.

Agency Kudos - “Jonathan is truly an artist. The lens in which he sees the world transforms normalcy into art. It’s exciting to be a part of the process. When we hire Jonathan and his team, we are consistently blown away by their creativity, problem solving and collaboration.” - Shannon Daugherty, Sr. Art Director