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The Family Sabbatical | A “World is our Classroom” Adventure

As a self-employed photographer and director I have arguably one of the most varied, creative, and passion fueling professions that one could ask for. On top of this I am my own boss, yet I am able to collaborate and engage with a talented roster of friends who help support my endeavors in this business. Each year I’ve grown in the industry and I’ve never felt more satisfied and excited with the work I’ve had a hand in creating nor the direction the business is headed.

While things are moving in an ideal direction, the balls in the air have grown in number and my work / life balance has gotten more complex each year. In the back of my mind I’ve had a growing desire to hit the pause button, to take a sabbatical of sorts with my family to simply celebrate and explore life and the world outside the confines of a two-week vacation. On one hand there’s that thinking that I am taking a risk as a self-employed business owner who provides the sole income for my family. There is that voice in my head “clients are going to leave, I’ve worked so hard to build what I have, I must stay to keep the momentum…” But the wiser voice says this is why I work hard. Take the time, life is short, live in the moment and celebrate the fruits.

As far as the two full-time employees here at JCP, Studio Manager John Fontana is taking three months off for a personal break and travel and Media Producer / Editor Joseph McMahon is remaining on to support the business at a minimum of two days per week while also exploring freelance opportunities for his personal growth in the business. I certainly couldn’t have done this without their supportive high-fives. This window will ultimately be collective break in the action for all of us, a break we’ll arrive on the back side of refreshed and even more inspired for the work we all contribute to.

“Stay hungry, Stay foolish,” four words from Steve Jobs that I believe are the true backbone of success, in business and in life. Take the road less traveled, or at least a short drive along it whenever possible. Easier said than done, but a good compass bearing none-the-less.

Here’s to 2016 and your own version of a sabbatical, a break in your own regularly scheduled program of work and life.

Thanks for your friendship, support, and enthusiasm.


Jonathan / JCP

I’d like to give a shout to Seth and Sam Bohken as well as Jaime Chismar - close friends and talented designers who took my idea of a travel blog much further than I could have imagined it. If you’re inclined to keep up with my family's antics and adventures in New Zealand, Japan, Thailand, and Europe, be sure to check out