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Explore the work of Jonathan Chapman through featured locations.

University of Iowa | Tippie College of Business

Production - Tippie College of Business at the University of Iowa - "Hard to Beat for Business”  

Location - Iowa City, IA + Chicago, IL.

Backdrop - A timeless university campus in the heart of the Midwest and the windy city of Chicago.

Set Highlights - State of the art and traditional buildings on campus mixed with the heart of a downtown metropolis.

Talent - Real students: undergrads and graduates alike.

The Hustle - Spontaneous tech-scouting on the streets of Chicago, client and subjects in tow.

Lighting - Mostly ambient with supplemental LED lighting here and there.  

Gear Shout - Freefly's MoVi M5, a perfect compliment for nearly every JCP production.

The Unexpected - Beautifully designed and executed print materials by the Tippie Marketing Team.

Prop Love – A branch with foliage or two for foreground.

Weather – Good overall with a few showers and wintry winds mixed in to challenge our creative minds.

Parting Creative - A library of fresh still photography and video edits.