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Website Refresh for JC|P…

It's a whole new day here for us as the JCP website refresh goes live. Over the past few months we have been working closely with Eight Hour Day to refresh the website including a revamped "Archive" section with numerous new galleries of imagery as well as an all new "Motion" category. Nate and Katie at EHD have been behind almost every element of JCP design for close to 10 years. I can't imagine the business without their insight, amazing talents, and friendship.

The highlight of the new "Motion" section is the JC|P MotionReel. The reel has been a long time in coming and is finally available for viewing along with all of our previous motion pieces. Adam and the team at Elemental Motion Media once again surpassed all expectations in terms of the final edit and are always bringing something new to the mix; their editing, audio, and animation talents have always paired with the design elements from EHD in such amazing ways.

The site has been restructured from Flash to HTML 5 which will allow for viewing on mobile devices i.e. smart phones and tablets. The behind the scenes credit for the coding / rebuilding of the site goes to John and Martin at Kilohq who have been great to work with and have come up with solid alternatives to the original flash based site. Thanks guys for weathering the numerous tweaks and subtle design changes. No one I've ever met understands the back end of the web more than these guys.

I would also like to recognize the tireless internal efforts of John Fontana. He has been in constant "update" mode for quite some time as well as integral in communication between myself, EHD, and KiloHQ. John always sees what we all seem to miss, whether pairing images, writing / proofing copy, or suggesting something totally foreign, he has been the backbone on all things JC|P for quite some time.

A new print portfolio is also on the way back from the printer which will coincide perfectly with the new website updates. It's been a busy time but an exciting time for us here and we are very excited to share the new content, design, and layout.

Enjoy the new site and of course any comments or feedback are always welcome. Next up on the schedule is a project for Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles that will take us up to the Labor Day Weekend.