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XtremeMac - Imation

We're back in the office and excited for the start of 2012 after some time away.  The first project-based post of the year features a production for XtremeMac, a branch of Imation.  They came to us last fall with a proposal for a one-day shoot involving stills and motion, eager to promote their latest Mac oriented accessories.  We started the conversation with their Senior Industrial Designer who was instrumental in bringing us up to speed on their needs and how we could possibly collaborate on the project.

The products from XtremeMac range from iPhone + iPad cases to various charging units and everything in between.  Our aim was to showcase these products in natural, real life settings with our talent interacting with the accessories.  One way we were able to achieve this, within the parameters of a one day shoot, was to work in tandem with our DP Alex Horner to capture a similar look and feel to the still content.  For each scene we were able to have Alex mirror the video footage with that of the stills being shot in order to maintain an overall consistency throughout both mediums.  Over the course of the day, we put the XtremeMac line of goods to the test in several unique locations around the Minneapolis area and came away with a broad range of both still and motion based content.

Under normal circumstances a shoot of this nature would probably be carried out in two or three days, but one long day was what our budget permitted. Our intrepid crew was instrumental in pulling it off with all production coordinated by Bobbi Peacock.  Looking back on this day of shooting it's hard to believe we managed to accomplish what we did, both stills and motion in so many locations.  I'm sure our crew was just as astonished with the number of locations, product and wardrobe changes, and overall hustling that occurred throughout the day.  Project requests for still and motion content continue to build and it’s looking to be another exciting year in the business.

Keep in touch with the blog as we will be posting the final edits from the XtremeMac video in the very near future.