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Children’s Hospital - The Cardiovascular Team in Action

"There's nothing more miraculous than seeing a child's heart restart" - David Dassenko, MD Pediatric Cardiac Anesthesiologist

In our daily lives we are more likely to think about what time the ballgame starts or if we remembered to schedule an oil change for the car instead of who will be taking care of a coarctation repair on our child's heart. For many of us it's a subject that may never enter our worlds, but if and when the time comes, we hope to have the reassurance that experts in the field of Pediatric Cardiovascular care are out there and ready to help.

This past spring we spent two "all access" days profiling the incredible staff in the Cardiovascular center at Children’s Hospital and Clinics of Minnesota here in Minneapolis. Working with their team, we filmed the extraordinary everyday moments that make up their compelling story of excellence and received first hand knowledge of what it takes to be among the best in this field.

With our end goal of a supportive and informative film for the annual Star Gala fundraiser event, it was an eye opening, humbling, and awe-inspiring couple of days spent with some of the nation's finest medical professionals in the cardio unit. When you think about over 11,000 heart surgeries performed in a year at this facility alone, and what goes into each and every one, the mind is lifted to a state of wonder and amazement.

It was a great project to work on with the team at Children's Hospital and one that has left a lasting impression on all of the crew. We hope the final edit sheds a little light on the everyday excellence of the Cardiovascular department and helps promote and support their continuing mission.

Photographer / Director - Jonathan Chapman | JCP
2nd Camera DP - Eric Schleicher
3rd Camera DP - Patrick Meehan
Field Audio - John Fontana
Producer - Tanya Silver
Edit - Joseph McMahon
Original Music Score - Joey Verskotzi
Sound Mixing - Nick Mihalevich

Sideshow Sign Co. | Nashville, TN

With the investment of heart and soul into all the visual narratives we approach, it is our aim to do our very best to tell a good story. More often than not we are fortunate enough to work with talented, like minded folks sharing an equal level of passion for what they bring to the creative table. Sideshow Sign Co. is one of those gems that has a strong core of collaboration and passion that reinforces what we continue to strive for ourselves. The Nashville based team consists of 3 members and their collective past, present, and future is best told by "Jas" the Director of Sideshow Sign Co."

Sideshow Sign Co. started in a backyard garage in 2011, and it wasn't long until we were busting at the seams. Our friends at the Fort Houston collective turned us on to a newly-vacant space in an old hosiery mill on the southside of town.  When we moved in, there was a full inch of sawdust on every surface from the rafters down. We joined forces with Southern Lights Electric, Steric Design, and AA Craftsman, and it took about a month and three dumpsters to get it tenable. We always meant to have a grand opening party, but two and a half years later, the work has never slowed down enough to make it happen.

For the last few years, we have built some of our most definitive custom work in this workshop and had the honor of sharing our space with other brilliant Nashville artisans. From here we've moved from
incandescent to neon, and worked with the broadest range of materials among any sign company in America. This winter, we start a new chapter with our next big move, a move to a space that can house our all-new retail product line as well as our custom workshop. We cannot wait to announce the next incarnation of Sideshow.

Until then, we wanted to release this video in partnership with Jonathan Chapman Photography as an homage to where we came from- our first industrial home along with one of the true characters that has helped bring us to this point, our senior fabricator, Adam "The Coon Man" Gaskill, with the omnipotent voiceover of our founder and Creative Director, Luke Stockdale. These guys are the heart and hands of this business. We are excited for the future and look forward to what's next!

Enjoy the short film, an homage to Sideshow's roots in Nashville, Tennessee.

Photographer / Director - Jonathan Chapman | JCP

Edit - Joseph McMahon
Graphic Animation - CoElement
Music - Marmoset "Stranger" by Carinthia
Sound Mixing - Nick Mihalevich

Joy Ride | Schwinn Bicycles, Austin, TX

The inherent nature of wind flowing through your hair, pedals turning over and over by the power of your drive for moving through a moment on two wheels. A scraped knee, a big hug, ripped up cuffs on your jeans from pushing pedals all day; it's all part of the territory when you have a Schwinn beneath you. Our time in Austin, TX working with Schwinn Bicycles was a slice of moments we all remember as kids and carry with us into adulthood. The freedom, friendships, and two wheeled experiences that last a lifetime are what it's all about. We had a great time setting up scenarios and letting our talent be themselves on their bikes while capturing incredibly visual moments. Making memories is what Schwinn is all about and we certainly did just that.

Rediscovering North America | The Gulf of Mexico to the Arctic Ocean

"What's wrong with an adventure for the sake of adventure," - Adam Trigg, trip lead

There's a sense of adventure in all of us and in the case of the Rediscover North America crew it involves much more than an extended weekend away following the lead of a recommended place or travelogue tale.

This is the story of 6 friends paddling three canoes over nine months, through ten states, five provinces, eleven rivers, totaling over 5200 miles. We caught up with the Rediscover North America crew for an assignment this past spring, spending the better part of a day profiling their story, lives, and collective spirit of adventure. Catching them just south of Minneapolis on the Mississippi River they had 1/3 of their journey behind them. They had been paddling over three months, north bound against the current having started on January 2nd at the Gulf of Mexico.

To say this was an inspirational shoot is an incredible understatement. As you'll notice in the credits, my ten year-old son Wesley joined us on this one proudly rising to the title of "Photo-Assistant." It was an early call time, but I knew it would be an experience neither of us would ever forget and certainly leave a mark.

Find more about their story and journey at The "Follow Along" tab shows their current where-abouts as they paddle towards their Arctic destination.

Photographer / Director - Jonathan Chapman/JCP

Edit - Joseph McMahon
Photo Assistant - Wesley Chapman
Graphic Design - Sam Bohlken
Graphic Animation - CoElement
Music - Chris Joye
Sound Mixing - Jonathan Camp

Tough Tablets + Tough Books | Panasonic - Los Angeles

On assignment in Los Angeles, we were brought out by Phelps to highlight Panasonic's latest line of Toughbook and Toughpad tablets. Our first location was based at a simply delicious quick food restaurant to show the interface and ease of use between employee, customer and device. The same can be said for our second location which included a rich variety of art, furniture, and all the textures in between. Not a bad two days of shooting and hanging with a great client and crew. Thanks Matthew Slimmer for leading the charge on the production front as well as Paula and Mark of The Gren Group for all the behind the scenes juggling to keep our schedules and projects in sync.

NYC Is Handsome | A Short Film

A big thank you to all those who made it out last night for the premiere of "NYC is Handsome - On The Streets with Gabriel Frilando" a short film based in the boroughs of New York City. Known as "CheatDeathNYC" Gabriel Frilando shares his poetic, yet aggressive style of riding amid the streets of New York City.

The project was a collaboration between Jonathan Chapman / JCP and Minneapolis based Handsome Cycles.

It was a perfect evening to share the film, raise a few brews from Bauhaus, and indulge in tasty Italian eats from Vin's food truck. 

Special thanks to:

Handsome Bicycles

Knock inc. Matt Thompson | Poster Design

Bauhaus Brew Labs

Nicolas De Miranda | Director of Photography

Andrew Foreman | Original Music

Get It Productions - NYC | Production

Joseph McMahon - JCP |  Editor

John Fontana - JCP | Story Development

NYC Is Handsome | Film Premiere

Welcome to the official teaser poster for the premiere of "NYC is Handsome - On The Streets with Gabriel Frilando" a short film based in the boroughs of New York City.

The project is a collaboration between Jonathan Chapman / JCP and Minneapolis based Handsome Bicycles.

The Premiere will be this Thursday, June 18th at Bauhaus Brew Labs at 8 p.m. 1315 Tyler St. NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413.

*The film will premiere at 8pm and play again at 9pm & 10pm.

Free Admission - All are welcome to come hang out with us.

It will be a fun, casual gathering where you can enjoy a tasty brew, watch the NYC is Handsome film, delve into a few Italian food offerings from Vin's food truck, and treat your ears to the sounds of Ditchweed who will be there bringing their folky, bluegrass covers of 80s power ballads to keep us all going. Not too shabby for a Thursday night. Hope to see you there! If you can't make it out to the event you can check back here for the full edit this Friday. Thanks to Matt Thompson and the crew at Knock inc. for their support!

Keep your eyes peeled on the JCP Instagram account for another #JCPBlink sneak peek at what's to come. If you missed the first Blink last week you can check it out here.

Lost and Found | Lanesboro MN

Summer in Minnesota, the good old summertime indeed. It's easy enough to get away for a few days with numerous small towns just a short drive from city life here in Minneapolis. Lanesboro is one such town in Southeastern Minnesota set amid an area known as Bluff Country, part of the Driftless Region of rolling hills and pastoral landscapes.

This imagery is quite personal in nature; photographs from a weekend get-away with my wife Michelle. We set out driving my "new" 1965 Ford F100 truck on a Lanesboro-bound weekend adventure. The morning these images were made could not have been more ideal. We woke with the sun, set out driving upon worn and winding roads, and took a hillside break overlooking a picturesque valley.

While the warm sun was soaking and filling our spirits, the drive back into Lanesboro wasn't nearly as calm and carefree. We didn't get lost, but we suddenly found ourselves struggling with an old engine that sometimes could and sometimes couldn't. The truck began stalling which grew more frequently with each passing mile. The fact that we were in hill country saved us as we literally coasted back into the heart of downtown Lanesboro.

The remaining hours of the morning involved conversations and inquiries with locals to source a mechanic who might help diagnose and fix our ailing mode of transportation. Luck wouldn't have it in our case, as it was a Sunday and the following day was July 4th. From what we could gather there wouldn't be anyone available for at least a few days.

In the end, it was a waitress who came to our rescue. She overheard us bouncing ideas and commented that she was heading back to Minneapolis later that afternoon. We gladly hitched a ride back to our doorstep, coincidentally less than a mile from where she was headed. We returned later that week to retrieve the truck after a minor repair. The mechanic seemed more excited to tinker on a vintage truck than to log hours for a costly repair. What we didn't mind was another venture back to Lanesboro. The town, the people, the time of year, and backdrop for this seemingly extended weekend could not have been richer.

As with most adventures, whether it truly involves getting lost or off track there is often an upside to a change of plans and what initially seems like adversity.  I'd argue that car trouble on a desolate road is a small price to pay for a good story and some great memories. 

On The Farm for Red Gold

"On the farm, you breath it, you play it, you sleep it." - Jim Paarlberg, Paarlberg Family Farms

There is a strong appeal for some of us urbanites to dig in the soil, plant some seeds and tend to our small micro miracle of a garden with a pat on the back when small green tips of life shoot skyward from the earth. Imagine doing this on a massive scale in even grander proportions and you’ll get a glimpse of the passion and dedication behind tomato farmers in Indiana.

For generations the four farm families we spent time with have been working the land of rural Indiana to produce the finest tomatoes for Red Gold. Over five days we were fortunate to film and record the lives of the growers and their families. We woke before the sun, observing time both in the field as well as at the family table, telling their story as honestly as our lenses could capture them. We proudly present the director’s cut of Red Gold “Family and Farming” with accompanying still images.

FedEx | Ship & Get

Dallas, TX... it's not supposed to rain here right? When thinking about Texas this is one of the last things that come to mind. The day of our tech scout we had great weather and were looking forward to the same for our shoot day, however, this was not to be the case. As we geared up for our shoot with FedEx all was looking good, our weather app had us smiling, and then… well, raindrops started to fall from the sky and we didn't have an "extra day" to wait it out in case things didn't clear. As they say, the show must go on and things just always seem to work out, often better than anticipated.

While we dodged a couple early morning hours of rain, the sky soon cleared and we had a great shoot for FedEx, capturing lifestyle stills of their new "Ship and Get" system. This is a brand new concept to allow people to send and receive just about anything without having to go inside a store. We managed to cover off on all scenarios, even adding a few additional set-ups as the late afternoon sun more than made up for it's early a.m. absence.

Recently we've been testing out a new partner PXL.HOUSE in the realm of post-production. Anthony Morrow and George McCardle have been working with some of our imagery on the retouching / color profile front.This collection of shots for FedEx are some of the first to pass through their hands.

We are off to NYC for our next project, a "day in the life" profile for a cool brand and subject that we are all quite excited to explore. While in the city we'll be showing the new portfolio to a handful of creatives at agencies as well as on the film / production side of the business.

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