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Explore the work of Jonathan Chapman through featured locations.

JEEP | Hana Highway, Maui

Set amid the wilderness and remote mountain terrain, Maui's Hana Highway was an ideal landscape to document a thrilling "day in the life" journey of two young, intrepid travelers.  This spec. commercial showcases the Jeep Wrangler's trailblazing spirit against a backdrop as unique and thrilling as the Jeep itself. 

Produced and shot this past spring, this project came to life through support and collaboration with Matthew Slimmer and Maui's, Hana Productions.  Hawaii, and Maui's Hana Highway in particular could not have offered a more visual backdrop for this story; an homage of sorts honoring the adventurous nature surrounding the Wrangler Unlimited and iconic Jeep brand.

Directed by Jonathan Chapman / JCP
Producer - Matthew Slimmer
Edit - Quenna Rae Gregorio
Director of Photography - Jonathan Chapman
2nd Camera / Movi operator - George Russell
Production Support / Assistant Camera - John Fontana
Production Assistant - Barton Hrast
Talent - Kelly Gillet-Shinn / Kenneth McNickle
Location Scouting / Production Logisitics - Hana Productions
Hair / Make-up - Camille Kozuki
Audio - "Orchestral 212" by Asche & Spencer

JCP Vol. 3 Promo

Proofs have arrived and are looking mighty sweet.  Vol. 3 of the JCP promo is underway and will be hitting a broad range of national and international mailboxes over the next few weeks.  Stay tuned, this is our finest to date thanks to the design work of Eight Hour Day and wordsmithing copy talents of Carolyn Petrie

Behind The Lens - Minneapolis, MN “Adidas”

We are proud to release the latest episode of our Behind the Lens series, "Adidas - Minneapolis, Minnesota".  This 3rd installment offers a detailed look at the making of the spec. / test project, "Adidas: Head to Head."  The project showcases a literal “head to head” match-up of two rising stars in the world of table-tennis.

Collaboration has never been more of a key element in the creative industry.  Working on this production, our most elaborate test shoot to date, we tapped some of Minneapolis’ most talented production partners for a fast-paced evening of action sports capture.  This Behind the Len’s episode offers a glimpse into life on set shooting and producing visuals, as well as the key developments in post-production through editing, music and sound design. 

A common reaction to our Behind The Lens videos is that people don't realize just how much support and behind the scenes manpower goes into creating a project on this scale.

The episode was shot and edited by Nathaniel Schmidt, view the full list of cast and crew below and keep an eye out for some of them in the video.

Produced and Directed by Jonathan Chapman / JCP

Production - Bobbi Peacock

Assistant to Producer - John Fontana
Edit - Nathaniel Schmidt

Assistant Director - Tony Franklin
Director of Photography - Alex Horner
Aerial Photography - Picture Factory
Second Camera - Eric Schleicher

First A/C - Jules Ameel
Talent - Ahmed Zain / Henry Klaverkamp
Behind the Scenes - Nathaniel Schmidt / Bill Hickey
Art Department / Props / Wardrobe - Alison Hoekstra

Lighting - Michael Handley / Tasty Lighting Supply
Location Scout - Anne Healy 

Production Assistant - Angie Marasco
Production Assistant - Nicole Klein
Production Assistant - Jaclyn Greeman
Color Grading - Jonathan Chapman
Original Music - Nick Mihalevich / Cape Status
Behind the Lens Music Track - Egg Music
Foley Artist - Nick Leisenheimer

Purina Pro Plan | In Motion

In our previous post, Purina Pro Plan | Santa Barbara, we shared a selection of  still images from our production for Purina and Colle+McVoy out on the coast of Southern California.  The following offers a motion based "day in the life" look, highlighting the sights, sounds, and overall competitive spirit that make up a dog show.

While we have shot at a number of dog shows across the country for the Purina Pro Plan brand, this was the first production where video capture was requested and added to the scope of our objectives.  Capturing motion visuals was certainly a natural pairing considering the subject matter and location.  Offering a behind the scenes look, this JCP Director's edit showcases nearly every aspect from early morning preparation, through the final hours when ribbons and trophies are passed out for the top prize, best in show.

For the role of DP / Director of Photography we were lucky to once again secure Ray Tsang of Stillmotion out of Portland, Oregon to capture the motion elements of this production.  We had a great experience working with Ray on a similarly fast-paced shoot for Target's C-9 brand, jockeying shots amid the harried streets of San Francisco. 

This project for Purina was a truly unique opportunity for our production team.  The possibilities are endless when there is a mix of creativity and visuals to tell the story in front of us.  Ideas were bounced around and imagery was shared in real time, inspiring us all to push the boundaries of what the agency and team at Colle+McVoy had assembled as our shot list.  Creative Director Derek Till kept us on the move, checking off his list of breeds to capture as every hour meant a new set of contenders in the arena.

Thanks to all agency, client, and crew members for helping bring this to life.  It's projects like this that underscore the excitement of creative collaboration.  Enjoy a few moments of what our experience looked like, through the lens, at the Purina Pro Plan dog show.

Purina Pro Plan | Santa Barbara

There’s no doubt that Santa Barbara is a city that is historically rich as well as visually one of California’s finest places to spend time living, or in our case on location shooting. The city has been host to top tier dog shows since 1919, when the city's first took place in the Palm Ring of the Belvedere Hotel.  The times may have changed but the dogs are still prestigious and continue to rank as some of the best in the world.

We spent a weekend last August capturing imagery for Purina and their “Pro Plan” line via Colle+McVoy at the Santa Barbara Kennel Club show.  It was a display of the best of the best competing for top rank in their respective categories.  Groomed to the nines, these canine paragons put on quite a show, with no shortage of visual energy to spend time capturing over the course of the two-day event.

We have shot a number of similar projects for Purina and this was the first where video was added as an element of our production and workflow.  We plan to share the director’s cut in a future post, offering a deeper look of life in the arena as well as how our spontaneous style of shooting was such a compliment to a fast paced project of this nature.

This week kicks off a 5 city tour to include Brooklyn, NY, New Orleans, LA, Denver, CO, Napa City, CA, and Detroit, MI.  This will be one of our most varied productions as far as multiple stops for a single project.  Spring is on and we are looking forward to life on the move, connecting with past as well as new prodution crew and talent in each of these markets.

PDN’s Photo Annual 2014

Proud to grace the pages of Photo District New's 2014 Photo Annual.  Image selected features Highway 1's Bixby Bridge, shot amid last summer's tour up the Pacific Coast Hwy from Los Angeles to San Francisco.  Thanks PDN!

El Bosque | Vol. 2 | A Cinematic Narrative

El Bosque is a personal project, a story of a man exploring and contemplating life amid the woods of Central Park.

As is typical of most personal projects, El Bosque came to life taking varied turns at each stage beginning with the morning hours shooting stills and video, as described in the Vol. 1 post.  After my return to Minneapolis the project continued to evolve throughout the post-production process.  Edited by Nathaniel Schmidt, the wide screen / split screen format offered a unique, less conventional style for combining shots and imagery.  Once visuals were in place, we asked copywriter Charles Youel for insight and support in crafting words that might ultimately be read as voiceover.  Charles offered the following thoughts after one of our first visits:

When we first met to watch the film, I think I mentioned that my instinct was to use a quote. There are a number of reasons for that. One, I think that using a quote will help keep the film from feeling like an ad — it lends a certain sincerity and gravity. I also think there's a timeless quality to the scenes, in that they feel like they could be happening almost any time during the past 40-50 years.

In response Charles suggested the writings of Henry David Thoreau, which matched up well with eloquent passages from a bygone era that still have relevance in our time.  The voice was destined to be one of wisdom and age looking back on a youthful, less obvious time.

We opted to try a voiceover read of Thoreau’s passages in both English and Spanish.  As you’ll note we went with the latter as it seemed to fit well with the visuals and ended up as a nod to Jason Hurt (the film’s subject) and his grandparent's latino lineage.  

Enjoy the cinematic narrative, losing yourself to the rhythms of Thoreau in Spanish.

El Bosque | Vol. 1

As we finally approach the descent on winter’s slope, looking forward to the slide into spring, here is a selection of stills from a personal project shot in a kinder weathered Central Park, NYC. 

The project came about from a portfolio showing visit to New York in the early months of 2013.  Following our usual approach of exploring an environment with a subject or two, the story most often comes together on location with a few initial ideas to springboard the creative.  NY-based actor Jason Hurt and I set off into the woods of Central Park with limited time, a few props and ideas nestled in our pockets and minds.  The result of our time together in the park has become “El Bosque,” a tale of visuals loosely woven around the writings of Henry David Thoreau. 

When it comes to personal shooting, I enjoy getting into the grit of a subject and pushing the boundaries to explore new territories.  In this first look I am pleased to share the experience through the still images of the story and look forward to sharing the second installment in the form of a cinematic narrative.


Backpacks, backyards, microscopes and classrooms embody the wide range of props and destinations from a recent production for Target's "Take Charge of Education / TCOE" campaign.  Produced in colloboration with Minneapolis based little, this was a shoot ripe with color, light, textures and of course energy and emotion from our talent.  A great cause to rally behind, TCOE is an ongoing intiative endorsed by Target which has donated over $387 million to K-12 schools since 1997. 

Traveller Denim

South by Southwest is underway and we’re pretty stoked to have a presence at one of the country's most innovative events. Proudly partnering with Austin-based Traveller Denim, the short film above profiles the Traveller brand and their philosophy + approach to ‘bespoke’ custom-tailored jeans and apparel. 

Made by hand, following American tradition, Traveller Denim uses vintage industrial machines and the finest Japanese and Cone Mills selvedge ‘to bring you the best pair of jeans you’ll ever own.’ 

The film will premier at the Big Blind Ramble Music Festival, a party hosted by Traveller Denim as part of the 2014 South by Southwest Music, Film and Interactive Conference.